Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Actual FREE Martial Arts Drills Found On The Internet

This is a humorous collection of my absolute favorite FREE Martial Arts drills I have found on the Internet. Typographical and grammatical errors left for effect. You truly get what you pay for....




Date Added: 10/16/2004

This is a game aimed at children in the 4 to 8 year age group. 

The instructor has a focus opad and explains to the children the the pad is the face of a criminal. The criminal has just broken into their hoomes and is in their bedrooms holding a large knife or batton. The criminal is about to attack them and they have to defend themselves by punching or kicking the criminal's face, which is the focus pad.

Sounds like the perfect game for a 4-8 year old. Imagining someone breaking into their room at night with a knife or baton is fun fun fun!

If the student is too slow or punches/kicks too softly or for any technical reason does not perform the skill correctly, the instructor taps the kid on top of the head and shouts "you're dead" and gives the reason to the student for the tap. The instructor must tap the student on the head very lightly to prevent injury.

The kids shriek with exitement when playing this game. 

I don't think that is excitement they are shrieking with. That might have something to do with the fact that you are smacking a child on the head and shouting, "Your dead!"

 Tsung Sau Mo #1

From: Perry

Organization: ACA Combat

Date Added: 8/4/2008

Three students stand in a triangle pattern 10 ft apart. The student at the top of the triangle is the defender. Student in bottom left of triangle runs in and performs lunging side thrust kick at chest or head level.

Defender Ducks down completely and dives forward so that the kick passes right over their head and their shoulder impacts the kicker's inner thigh on the support leg or groin. The defender traps the support leg and stands up quickly so that the attacker is lifted completely off the ground and thrown.

You lost me somewhere around the part where someone runs in and performs a flying side kick to my groin.

Without hesitation the student in the bottom right of the triangle runs forward and tries a lunging side thrusting kick but low. This time the defender must jump over the kick and deliver a flying knee strike or punch and yell.

I was confused for a bit there, but then I read the descriptive title again and it cleared everything up for me.

Flying Fucus Pad
From: Derrick Maretti

Organization: Superkids Martial Arts FL

Date Added: 9/4/2008

Lightly hold a square fucus target so the student can strike it with any technique and send it flying as far as it will go.

What is a fucus pad and how exactly is that pronounced?

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