Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Utilizing Assistant Martial Arts Instructors Effectively

Utilizing Assistant Martial Arts Instructors Effectively

I know plenty of school owners who have many instructors in their instructor program, but they don't utilize them to the fullest potential. You do have an instructor program, don't you??? Lets talk about what I've learned over the years:

  • Enthusiasm isn’t taught, its caught. If you have several instructors that just don't seem to have a high energy level you should examine your own classes and your energy level. Are you excited about teaching class? If your not excited about kicking, punching, choking, or breaking things; changing peoples lives for the better, and having the coolest job in the world then I don’t know what else to say! It’s a privilege to be allowed to step out onto the workout floor and lead students. You have to communicate this with your voice, words, body language, and heart. A good attitude is infectious!
  • You should document everything about your instruction methods, re-analyze it, make it replicate-able, and have training sessions with your instructors. When I first became an instructor (back in the day) we were just expected to know what to do. Nobody practiced leading the class in a stretch, or a warm up, or how to communicate with a student. I was just thrown to to the wolves and had to learn the hard way. I would not advise that method - You have to train people to teach, and it should be done at least monthly with assistants, and weekly with employees.
  •  Let everyone enter your instructor program! Don't judge people, you never know who could end up your next superstar. Train everyone regardless, whats the worst that could happen- you don't let them assist because they aren't ready yet? In the meantime they are given the opportunity to become better. You are either on your way up or on your way out, there is no in between. Instructors will come and go for many reasons so don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Just because someone is a great Martial Artist, doesn't automatically mean they will be a great instructor. Occasionally some of the least talented martial artists I have trained have been the most talented instructors.
  • Don't correct instructors in public, unless its an emergency and always play it off so that nobody feels foolish or embarrassed.
  • Don't let instructors teach that don't train regularly. It always shows.
  • Don't just expect- inspect! After you teach your methods of instruction you should require them to show you what you expect periodically.
  • Don't "hire" and instructor until they have proven they will make you money. You must train them and expect them to bring in new students. Everyone is responsible for filling the room! Why would you hire someone who isn't going to make your business money in a time like this?

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