Thursday, June 9, 2011

Classic Martial Arts Moments

Sometimes in business and life you just have to stop and laugh at those classic moments and situations you find yourself in. Here are some of the top moments of my experience

  • I'm teaching class one night and we are performing front kicks in place. All of a sudden, a jock strap complete with cup and supporter flys through the air over my head and hits the mirror. After class, no one claimed it....

  •  I had a student named we'll call "Earl". Earl was about 8 years old and pretty rough around the edges. Once in class another kid was bothering him and he said,"Man, I'm gonna take you out". I overheard this and explained to Earl how we cannot do that in Martial Arts, and that this is positive place, etc... Earl's next statement was, "I'm not gonna do it here....I mean like in the streets." On a side note: One day Earl is in class and drops a $100 bill out of his uniform. He picked it up and put it back in his belt like nothing happened.

  • I had a student who was a giant burly lumberjack type guy and we loved to give him a hard time. When I put together his sparring gear package I gave him the child XS cup. One of the funniest things I have ever seen was that guy's face and body language as he came out of the bathroom with that cup on.

  • Once I was in front of a panel of high ranking judges testing for my next belt, and in the middle of my performance a completely naked baby ran through the center of the testing. Talk about Self Control.

  • I had a student named Jason, who had a habit of acting up and misbehaving. One day in the kids class Jason was doing something he wasn't supposed to do and ended up hitting his head on a metal rail hard enough to make blood spray out of the top of his head. We quickly brought him into the back room and took care of his injuries. I came out and sat all the kids down and proceeded to tell them how when we don't follow directions we can get hurt. After explaining how dangerous it is to misbehave a little girl raises her hand and asks, "Is Jason dead?"

  • I was an assistant instructor in class one time and noticed that there were little brown balls on the mat that looked like milk duds. I walked over to get a closer look and right then as I realize exactly what it is - I notice the head instructor has one in his hand and in proceeding to bring it to his nose to smell. I was too late and it was a total slow motion "nooooooooo" moment!

What is your own favorite classic martial arts moment? Leave a comment below!

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  1. You have described very interesting moments in your post. I like most the fourth one in which you was in front of judges when a naked baby ran through the center of the testing. Thanks for sharing the previous moments :)